Dangerous Goods

Achieve Certification. Overachieve at Work.

Obtain your dangerous goods compliance certifications with ForwarderX. We’ve redesigned the traditional training to empower you for leadership in today’s rapid-pace global market.

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Take Command of Dangerous Goods

Train with the experts with day-to-day freight forwarding expertise at one of the industry’s only Competency Based Training Accredited institutions. We’re not just checking the boxes. We’re raising the bar.

Leverage Your Certifications

Let ForwarderX certify you and your team for all the primary modes of dangerous goods transportation. Get your suppliers certified, too, and you could minimize risk, cut days off transit times, and save money.

Optimize Your Supply Chain

Access your dangerous goods compliance documents and all your data in one place—the ForwarderX Platform—so it's easier and faster to manage your supply chain end-to-end. Don’t ship with ForwarderX? We’ll still certify you.


Teachers Who Are in the Trenches

When you’re in a role that demands results, theory only gets you so far. Earn your compliance certifications from teachers who live the realities of logistics every day. Layer your learning with top global trade experience.

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