Plan For Success by Staying Ahead with Our Platform Insights

With our platform’s end-to-end tracking visibility and predictive supply chain modeling capabilities, you can gain the global advantage necessary to plan with greater precision, manage demand dynamically, and adapt quickly to market changes. Stay ahead of the competition with ForwarderX.

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Access real-time SKU level visibility at any time, from anywhere – with our platform

Gain actionable insights by accessing comprehensive SKU-level data through our platform. Calculate landed costs, measure supplier performance against KPIs, leverage stock levels to respond to market trends, accurately forecast seasonal fluctuations, and stay ahead of the competition with ForwarderX.

Leverage data to minimize unexpected surprises with visibility across all aspects of your supply chain

Secure advantages, sidestep risk, and plan for anything. Advanced integrations marry carrier and customs data with your Product Library and transactions to create predictive outlooks.

An expert touch in every facet of your supply chain operations

ForwarderX provides the necessary assistance to maximize the potential of your market position. Benefit from streamlined transportation options that balance speed and affordability, expedited customs clearance for faster delivery times, reduced duties for maximum cost optimization, and sustainable social impact solutions. Our team of experts invest time to understand your unique supply chain requirements, enabling us to deliver personalized, effective service at each step of the way.


Capture the Market with Exceptional Data

ForwarderX APIs provide clean, thorough data. Plan inventory, improve timing, sell goods in transit, and launch products. Predictive analytics shape a greater vision for already powerful supply chains.


First, Game It Out. Then, Put It in Place.

Could one port over trim days off transit? Should some of those SKUs come from another country? You don’t need an ideal world to create a model supply chain. See how your business might look with a few strategic changes and commit to the ones that work.

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