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Just Buy and Leave the Transportation Work to Us

Global sourcing wherever from China, Vietnam or Japan, whether an E-cigarette on Taobao, or a machine for manufacture in Germany, we could help you to combine all your goods in the local warehouse and send them to you in one shipment.

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Efficient and Reliable Delivery

Whether by sea, land, air or international express delivery, you can choose from multiple channels to meet your needs for efficiency and reliability

Inventory Management

A simple and efficient system can track the entire process of goods for you, from shipment to receipt, with a clear view of inventory changes throughout the entire process

Customs Clearance

An experienced customs clearance team plans for you from the moment you are ready to ship, enabling you to declare your goods in the best possible way, saving customs duties for customers and improving customs clearance speed.


Fulfillment That’s Actually Satisfying

Automate POs and monitor milestones from the start of each cycle with Flexport Order Management. Work in the Flexport Platform or seamlessly in your ERP for hyper-accurate order status and inventory position.


Compliance Dictates, but Innovation Rules

Take a fresh approach to compliance. Speed clearances, minimize duties, or cash in on drawback with unexpected methods that play within the rules. Flexport Customs Trade Advisors strategize and execute, so you can squeeze the most out of complex supply chains.


We offers real-time, end-to-end IoT tracking, in-person escorts, and geospatial analytics to ensure high-value cargo is exactly where you expect. Warehouse partners are thoroughly vetted. Flexport operates its own warehouses in LA, Chicago, and Hong Kong with the highest security standards, including TAPA certification in Hong Kong.

As you grow and gain data, learn what helps your company excel. Use fresh insights to win new customers and expand sales channels. If you use ERPs, all your intel is portable.


A Turnkey Solution for Sustainability

Achieve 100% carbon neutrality with the flip of a setting. Track your progress, automate sustainability reports, and earn a Carbonfree® Shipper designation you can share with your customers.

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