Improve Your Supply Chain Efficiency Through the HSCODES

HS codes play a crucial role in supply chain management, determining compliance, admissibility, and access to supply chain benefits. Accurate classification of goods can ensure compliance with regulations, reduce financial risks, and unlock greater strategic opportunities. ForwarderX provides precision classification services to assist businesses in identifying the correct HS codes for their products, helping them achieve optimal supply chain outcomes.

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Set up Your Records As Soon As Possible

ForwarderX Customs offers precision classification services that can classify up to 500 new SKUs in three days, up to 2,000 in a week, or 20,000 in a month. The HS codes then follow the goods and are viewable within the ForwarderX Platform. Even if you ship with someone else, our team can still provide fast and accurate HS code classification support to reduce your compliance risk and ensure smooth supply chain operations.

Carefully Match Your Product Library

ForwarderX Customs brokers are equipped to assess businesses' product catalogs, recommending the most favorable codes that remain 100% compliant with regulations. Our team can identify and remedy past compliance risks, provide guidance on correcting past submissions, and work to reduce duty exposure, while ensuring supply chain operations remain seamless and risk-free.

Stay Up-to-date with the Latest Policies

Therefore, it's essential to stay up-to-date with changes and adjust accordingly to maintain eligibility for trade benefits. ForwarderX offers solutions to help businesses navigate changes and ensure compliance, including updated HS code classification services, detailed customs regulations guides, and tailored compliance programs that are precisely attuned to businesses' specific needs and requirements.


One Small Step Can Bring About Great Change

ForwarderX Product Library uses HTS codes for total transactional consistency, ensuring that all data is structured in a way that advances businesses’ trade strategies. With accurate and consistent product codes, businesses can unlock significant financial opportunities by identifying favorable tariff treatments, reducing the cost of customs duties, and minimizing compliance risks. With the right data insights, six to ten-digit product codes can reveal higher financial opportunities and help businesses make more informed trade decisions.

Tariff Research

Adjust priorities and Reducing Tariffs

Tariff engineering is the practice of modifying products to meet import classifications at a lower duty rate. By making slight adjustments to product designs, businesses can reduce customs duties, minimize compliance risks, and improve their supply chain operations’ overall efficiency. These tweaks in design may seem insignificant, but they can lead to significant cost savings for businesses. ForwarderX provides expertise in tariff engineering to help businesses optimize their product designs and achieve greater cost efficiency.


Can You Reasonably Reduce Tariffs? YES! As long as You Find the Right Number

Tariff engineering allows businesses to lower or limit duties on their products without breaking any rules. By refining the design of their goods, businesses can achieve better duty rates while remaining compliant with regulations. This practice helps optimize supply chain operations, reduces customs duties, and minimizes compliance risks. ForwarderX provides tariff engineering solutions that help businesses navigate complex regulations and identify opportunities for duty savings through product design modifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

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